The Difference Between Basic and Detailed Rping

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The Difference Between Basic and Detailed Rping

Post  Alice on Thu Jul 03, 2008 2:36 pm

There is a big difference betweem basic and detailed rping. Basic is for more beginner rpers and is a good way to start out. Detailed rping has alot of well detail about the person's feelings, surroundings, and what they look like.


"Hey, Abby." Clara smiled as she sat down at the table. She looked over, before beginning to eat her lunch. When she finished the bell for the next, and last, period rang and she walked with her friends out of the large crowd of people. She sighed softly as she kept walking her eyes on the ground.


"Hey, Abby." Clara said her voice musical and almost flawless. She slowly lowered herself into the first possible seat the caught her innocent gaze. As she sat she slid the plastic tray of food, filled with things that didn't seem edible. Ew gross, shee thought to herself, almost thinking she said it aloud. She giggled softly at her mistake, her friends giving her a strange glance as a few of them took a bite of the greasy pizza they had served. Though her stomach was pleading her to eat the food sitting infront of her, she refused. But, temtation took over and she quickly took a bite of the pizza, realizing it wasn't as bad as she had thought. Time seemed to fly past her as she ate and talked with only her closest friends. When she finally finished she gracefully got to her feet, tray in hand, and made her way towards the nearest trash can. She tilted the tray slightly, all of the left over food tumbaling off and into the small trash can. For some odd reason the feeling of being watched was taking over her delicate and patite body, so she hurried back to her seat with her friends. To her luck the school bell chimmed signaling the last period of the day was starting within the next few mintues, that seemed to be inching by in the first place. A soft yawn escaped her mouth as she walked out of the huge crowd of chattering people. She kept her blue eyes downcast as she made her way to her next class, in pure silence.

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