Perfect Image Claiming Sunset Beach

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Perfect Image Claiming Sunset Beach

Post  LilyGrey on Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:35 pm

Full Name: Perfect Image
Barn/Nickname: Image
Age: 2
Gender: Mare/Filly
Personality: Bright, Bubbly, Optimistic, Cheeky and Funny.
Breed: Morgan
Coat Color: Palomino
Tail Color: Flaxen
Mane Color: Flaxen
Hoof Color: Black
Markings: None
Eye Color: Blue
Land: Sunset Beach
Current Place: Sunset Beach
Picture: She is the mare, but the foal was what she looked like when she was born.

Perfect Image walked along the shores of an, apparently, un-owned land. She smirked to herself and reared, being the owner of this land. She landed and pawed the ground, her palomino body flashed in the sun as she galloped through the water. She smiled as she felt the wind whipping all of the tangles out of her mane and tail. She sped on until she came to a waterfall. She looked up and saw that it was tall but there was a slope up which you could climb. Image didn't take this path though for she had seen a cave that was well hidden behind the water fall. She walked in and sniffed the air, hoping for a stallion's scent.
Sunset Herd
Lead Mare: Perfect Image
Lead Stallion: None
Other Herd Members: None


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