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Post  Amora on Wed Jul 30, 2008 5:54 am

Full Name: Evening
Nickname: Ever
Age: 7
Gender: Mare
Personality: Ever is calm, spunky, and smart. She is also fast, and knows when something is wrong. Or when to not intrude, although she is very curious. She's quiet, but,Ever is extreamly fast.
Breed:Mustang Cross
Coat Color: Grulla
Tail Color: Black with light stripes
Mane Color: Black With Light Brown Stripes.
Hoof Color: Grey/Silver
Markings: Spot on forhead.
Eye Color: Black
Land: None
Current Place:Amor

Ever walked in, her gaze at the Lands. She looked around, seeing mares take off with the dreams of their life. She sighed and lowered her head. Her odd colored coat glowed in the sunlight. She flicked her cascading black tail and Looked around, seeing no stallion out here. She bluntly lye down under a tree, and rested her head. She thought no stallion would ever want her, especially with her


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