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The Rules

Post  Alice on Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:55 pm

If ANY of these rules are broken there will be a consequence. Below is a list of the actions taken if the rules are broken.....
First) A warning will be sent to the player, by the admin
Then) If the player continues the break the rules, you will get a second warning
Lastly) If the player still is breaking rules that player will be banned

~Swearing is only allowed to a limit. If it gets out of hand [insulting others, swearing in almost every sentence, ect.] this rule will be changed
~You may have as many characters as you like aslong as you rp with them
~RESPECT is the key word here, you must respect eachother
~Don't hate on the bands, books, ect. that other people like
~Please don't go overboard with making rps, like every few mintues. The limit is 2 per day
~Fighting is NOT tollerated and banning will be used
~Please no 'text talk' or 'chat speak'. It can be very confusing to a few people
~Don't share alot of personal info
~Power playing [controlling someone else's character without their permission] and god modding [acting as if your character is better than someone else's] are both not allowed
~ Please be somewhat realistic [like a 18hh horse instead of a 20hh horse], but it is ok if you get alittle unrealistic
~In rps making your character get hurt just to gain attention is unacceptable
~No mini modding [acting asif you are a mod when you are not]
~No talking about Racism, Black or White people
~No one accept Mods and Admin(s) may use ALL caps, because it is usually to get your attention
~Breeding and foaling can happen any time of the year
~I will say if your foal survives or not, just PM me
~A player may only claim two areas

If you have any suggestions on rules please tell me in a pm

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